Abuse and performance testing on batteries and E-Vehicles

Based on our combined experience as world leader on vehicle safety and R&D testing we, Autoliv Sweden and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, are ideal supplier of R&D testing as well as regulatory and standard testing on battery systems and E-Vehicles.

Engineering teams for CAE simulations and crash tests with dummy batteries are available for preparatory evaluation of safety and risk levels.

Mechanical integrity testing
Capabilities available for vehicle and component crash tests such as ECE R94/R95/R100, FMVSS 301/305 and NCAP.

Low risk โ€“ indoor crash track

Payload < 8 tons
Frontal impact < 70 kph
Side impact < 70 kph
Rear impact < 90 kph
Roll-over < 70 kph

Medium risk โ€“ outdoor crash track

Car to car < 100 kph
Car to barrier < 100 kph
Fully wireless vehicle control  

High risk โ€“ sled crash track

Sled weight 200 kg
Load < 200 kg
Track length 15 m
Sled speed < 100 kph
Crash energy < 75 kJ

Safety & performance testing

Battery safety testing can be performed in accordance with UN Transportation Testing (UN DOT 38.3) and IEC 62133.

In addtion RISE is able to support the industry in sustainability issues, life cycle assesments, energy system modelling, EMC and cell chemistry.

Altitude simulation, thermal test

Overcharge, external short circuit and over discharge

HF (hydrogen fluoride) and POF3 (Phosphorus Oxyfluoride) during fire exposure

Fire Safety
UNECE Reg. 100 - E/ECE/324/Rev.2/Add.99/Reg.2, Annex 8E
Heat Release Rate

Functional Safety
Battery Management Systems in accordance with ISO 26262

easurement on various battery types: Lead-acid, NiMH, Li-ion, future high-voltage Li-ion

Life time and performance
Battery life time and performance testing

Drop testing, vibration, shock, impact, earthquake conditions

Thermal runaway propagation


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