Pyroswitch – PSS-3 (NC)
Battery Disconnection Switch PSS-3

A pyrotechnical actuator separates the electric connection irreversibly. Pyrotechnical switches are installed in many road vehicles. It is triggered by the ECU, and is used to separate the "starter-generator-cable" from the electrical system (battery). A second circuit is disconnected simultaneously.

Product highlights

  • 0.1 milliseconds separation time
  • For hybrid and electrical cars
  • High and low circuit switching

Product details

Switching capacity
up to 400V DC (ohmic load)

Opening time (RT)
< 3ms / at 1.2 A / 2ms

Functioning temperature range
-40^C / +125°C

Rating current
200 A / 125°C

Switching capacity
2000 A / 32 V

2nd signal
5 A at 125°C (long term)

Maximum voltage to be cut 48 V
(ohmic load)


New Product Very High Voltage PSS-X2 / ADS-1000

Please check out our new Very High Voltage PSS-X2 / ADS-1000

Suitable for voltage levels up to 1.000 VDC

Current switching capability up to 30.000 A

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CIBF China International Battery Fair Shenzhen 2021

Pyroswitch at "CIBF China International Battery Fair Shenzhen 2021" 

China International Battery Fair is the world's largest trade fair devoted to batteries

The CIBF - China International Battery Fair is the world's largest trade fair devoted to batteries and takes place every two years in Shenzhen. The organizer of the fair CIAPS is China's leading association for battery technology. Exhibitors present not only all kinds of battery products and production technologies, but also machinery, equipment, materials, metrology and testing technology and therefore all segment of the industry are united under one roof. The CIBF is an ideal platform to demonstrate the competitiveness of companies, to build production capacity and to learn about the latest technologies, trends and innovations on the market. With the increasing importance of China in the high-energy storage sector the international importance of CIBF increases. Besides an additional incentive is created by the accompanying conference.

The CIBF China International Battery Fair will take place on 3 days from Friday, 19. March to Sunday, 21. March 2021 in Shenzhen.

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